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The Surgeon General’s Initiatives

The Surgeon General is America’s Doctor, dedicated to focusing the nation's attention on important public health issues and providing the best scientific information available to improve the nation’s health. The Surgeon General’s Reports and Calls to Action highlight essential prevention messages about tobacco and other important topics. 

Key initiatives include:


Reports of the Surgeon General on the adverse health consequences of smoking and tobacco have triggered nationwide efforts to prevent tobacco use.

Walking and Walkability

The Surgeon General’s Every Body Walk! Initiative promotes walking as a simple form of physical activity that can be done almost anywhere and supports the benefits of livable communities for Americans of all ages and ability levels.  The initiative highlights the role of walking and walkable communities to create a healthier nation.”


On June 16, 2011, the National Prevention Council released the first-ever National Prevention Strategy. Learn how you can become part of America's Plan for Better Health and Wellness.

Family Health History

To help focus attention on the importance of family health history, the Surgeon General launched the Family Health History Initiative to encourage all American families to learn more about their family’s health background.