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Promotional Tweets

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Smoking causes cancer almost anywhere in the body. #SGR50 also finds cancer treatments not as successful for smokers. #CancerControl Month.

Since 1st #SGReport, more than 100,000 babies have died from conditions caused by parental smoking.  #SGR50 #NPHW

Smoking is The Breath Blocker. This spring, clear your lungs & breathe easier by becoming #smokefree. #SGR50

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Anniversary Report

Why is the 50th Anniversary Surgeon General Report on Smoking & Health so important? Find out here: #SGR50

Find resources to help promote upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking & Health. #SGR50


First #SGReport on smoking & health linked smoking to lung cancer; 31 more have linked it to cancer in nearly every organ of the body.

Fact: Since first #SGReport was released in 1964, #smoking rates in the US have been cut in half, from 42.7% to 18.1%.

50 yrs after 1st #SGReport, smoking is still the leading cause of preventable disease & death.  A tobacco free generation starts now. #SGR50

Youth Focus

At current rates, 5.6 million children alive today will die early because of smoking.  Work for a #tobaccofree future now. #SGR50

# SGReport fact: Tobacco industry entices young people to use tobacco. Fight back w/ CDC's guide for youth cessation:

#SGReport fact: Communities that restrict tobacco sales & advertising near schools have lower teen smoking rates.

Health  Focus

Take quitting to heart.  Even long-time smokers see improvements when they quit. Within 1 year, heart attack risk drops! #SGR50

#SGReport fact: Cigarette smoke contains 7000+ chemicals. There is no safe cigarette and no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

#SGReport fact: Smoking causes & worsens COPD, making it harder and harder to breathe. Quit now for better lung health.

#SGReport fact: Tobacco smoke is a real heart-breaker – one of the major causes of heart disease & stroke.

#SGReport fact: There is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure, yet more than ½ of US children ages 3-19 are exposed to it.

#SGReport fact: Smoking & SHS caused more than 440,000 deaths & 5.1 million years of potential life lost annually in US - 2000-2004.

#SGReport fact: Real cost of smoking is staggering - $193 billion/yr in US for direct med costs & lost productivity.

#SGReport fact: cigarettes are designed for addiction. Today’s cigarettes deliver nicotine stronger & faster than ever before.

2014 #SGReport: Smoking keeps cancer treatments from working well & raises risk of future cancers & death.