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Duties of the Surgeon General

The Office of the Surgeon General is comprised of the following:

Immediate Office of the Surgeon General
The office provides advice and support to the Surgeon General on issues relating to public health and represents the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for Health on topics addressing public health practice. In addition, the Immediate Office of the Surgeon General supervises Public Health Service Commissioned Corps activities and advises the Assistant Secretary for Health on policies required for efficient management of the Commissioned Corps and on matters pertaining to military and veterans affairs.

Division of Science and Communications
The division plans and develops Surgeon General’s Reports and Calls to Action and provides advice to the Surgeon General on science, data, and evidence pertaining to public health priorities. The division also prepares and coordinates Surgeon General’s correspondence, speeches and other forms of communication, as well as provides support to Public Health Reports, the official journal of the U.S. Public Health Service.

Division of Commissioned Corps Personnel & Readiness
The division provides management of all Commissioned Corps personnel policies and directives related to operations, personnel, training, readiness, assignment, deployment, promotion, and retirement. DCCPR maintains officer payroll and records, manages officer medical records and evaluations, and handles recruitment, calls to active duty, Commissioned Corps boards, and personnel orders.  The division oversees the performance, discipline and conduct of commissioned officers, develops and implements policies and regulations, and is responsible for all readiness and response operations for a Corps of more than 6,700 officers.

Division of Systems Integration
The division oversees information technology systems to support the many personnel operations of the Commissioned Corps. Supported personnel operations include: payroll, personnel orders, promotions, retention boards, calls to active duty, annual Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports, officer awards, readiness, deployment, and other service and human resource related functions. The division also validates, certifies, and transmits the Commissioned Corps monthly payroll data.