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Surgeon General’s Statement on White House Opioids Campaign

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Contact: ASH Media Office
(202) 205-0143

“Opioid addiction can happen to anyone. It can happen all too quickly and lead you down a dark path once thought unimaginable. We are hopeful that these hard-hitting ads will prevent young people from a fate that is all too familiar in our country today. Perhaps if there was a campaign like this when my brother was growing up, he might have avoided his powerful addiction and been spared its consequences. While the Truth on Opioids ads may be shocking, so are the almost countless stories of addiction and overdose in our communities - especially among our youth. Our partnership with the Truth Initiative and the Ad Council - entities with a proven track record of connecting with youth - can help us turn addiction and despair into hope and recovery. We need Americans to understand that there truly is a crisis next door, and that awareness of the dangers of opioids must be part of the solution. These ads are an important part of the Administration’s comprehensive response.”